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In the video you just watched, you learned the big reason pretty much every author struggles to make any real money online.

Think about it...

If you're out there busting your butt trying to make 35¢ royalties from your books, it will take a lot of royalties to make any real money...

Let's say you set a goal to make $1000 a month.  That's reasonable...

But at a 35¢ royalty per book, you'd need to sell almost 3000 books...

At a 10% conversion rate you'd need to have 30,000 readers visit your Amazon sales page every single month.

That's A LOT of traffic...

If you want to make more money, you need even more traffic...

And if you don't discount, you can't promote your books on the promo sites...

So you're caught in a vicious TRAP! But here are the facts...

You Will NEVER Make A Profit

Selling Discounted Ebooks...

Trying to make money this way is the biggest mistake any author can make...

You will sell a number of books during the promotion, but as soon as the promo ends, your sales will stop, and your ranking will climb...

It's as if someone turned off a faucet. The sales stop that quickly...

If you are like most authors, or a newbie just starting out, WARNING, this strategy is a recipe for disaster...

The only people who make money with this losing strategy are the promo site owners.  


Hi there, E. Van Lowe here...

I am the bestselling author of Boyfriend From Hell, and Earth Angel. My books have been optioned by Hollywood for movies. I've sold nearly 100,000 books, and I'm here to tell you that unless you already have a massive mailing list you should not be focused on selling discounted books through book promo sites.

  • You will waste time...
  • You will lose money...
  • And you will get very frustrated and possibly give up in the process...

I don't want that to happen to you...

So what's the answer?


Selling Short Ebooks At Full Price!!! And Get Amazon To Promote them For You--Free

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You will earn 70% royalties vs 35%

With my Short Reads secret formula, to earn $1000 on a $2.99 ebook...

You'd only need to sell 485 books...

That's a lot more doable than having to sell 3000 books

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The math does not lie.

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