Fortunately, Deborah found me.  I am the 30 year writing pro who discovered entrepreneurs were making money off of your confusion about self-publishing. I knew I had to do something about it. Over the past several years I've shared my knowledge with thousands. You do not need to spend hundreds or thousands to get your book published. What you need is good, solid information. If all the noise about self-publishing has left you confused and frustrated,  just listen to what Deborah and others have to say:

Deborah W. (soon to be published author)

"E. Van Lowe provides innovative user-friendly training regardless of a person’s computer capabilities. On a scale of one to five I give it five gold stars! E's goals … to demystify, and open up self-publishing for everyone … have been accomplished successfully."

John Klawitter (author & screenwriter)

"Since my first sale using Van Lowe’s methods, I've successfully self-published, and done audio books, e-books and adapted some of my novels to screenplays."

Sarah McLean ( romance author)

I can honestly say that E's advice has helped me make money. His expertise and guidance has been invaluable in my career.