The Whisper House Challenge

A creature who whispers roams these halls...

Take a mind bending journey through a virtual haunted house. This chilling locked room scavenger hunt will test your wits, your knowledge and your nerve. Once locked inside, you will receive a call from The Whisperer giving you a precious 60 minutes to gather the items you'll need to get out alive.

Are you brave enough to take the Whisper House Challenge?


 Survivors will celebrate with a stunning I Conquered The Whisper House Challenge certificate. This one is guaranteed to stand out in your awards collection


This is not your typical, boring escape room. Experience the same immersive thrills and adrenaline rush of an amusement park haunted house as you decipher riddles, dodge evil spirits, and learn facts from horror movie lore, all while gathering the keys that will set you free


The multi-player option allows you to have friends along in the same game to help solve the puzzles as well as for support and encouragement


>Access anywhere

>Play on Android or iPhone mobile app

>Choose your own timeframe

>Test your skill and ability to problem solve

>Play solo game pitting your skills against friends and the clock


>Team or Solo

>Includes a stunning Award Certificate

>Play any day and time you choose

>Haunted house thrills from the comfort of home

>The multi-player option allows you to play a single game along with friends




Not Your Average Tee Shirt

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Two column pricing grid with $9.99 and $14.99 multi-player option goes here

Single column award and tee shirt pricing grid $21.99 (per player, does not include entry) goes here