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The Secrets Hollywood Doesn't Want You To Know?

Suppose a Hollywood insider could pull back the curtain and give you an insider’s view of how the real Hollywood works. And then that same insider could help you get your screenplays, books, or ideas into the hands of people who can get them on the screen, so that no matter where you lived, you could sell to Hollywood and start earning Hollywood riches right away… that would be amazing, wouldn’t it?


That’s me at the 2016 Emmy's rooftop party the Academy holds each year for TV producers

I am looking to create 100 new Hollywood entrepreneurs in 2019.  If you become one of my 100, I will develop your project with you, and guarantee bonafide Hollywood meetings at studios and relevant production companies. I love helping people. Someone helped me become an Oscar and Emmy nominated writer/producer.  I want to give back.

I am Ehrich Van Lowe. I've written and produced some of your favorite sitcoms including, Even Stevens and The Cosby Show. I've written the cult hit horror novel, Child's Play, and have sold dozens of projects to studios and production companies, including Disney, Fox, Warner Brothers, New Line, HBO, Showtime, and more. If you take my free Hollywood Insider Bootcamp Training (The Secrets Hollywood Doesn’t Want You To Know)  I will teach you the six secrets that will instantly give you the ability to start selling to Hollywood.  I will also reveal how you can become one of my 100. Even if you don’t become one of my 100 Hollywood entrepreneurs, you will leave this training with new knowledge and insights that will open the seemingly impenetrable doors to Hollywood, preparing you to start selling and becoming successful in Hollywood right away.

By the way, one lucky entrepreneur will join me as my guest next September in Beverly Hills for the exclusive 2019 Pre-Emmy Awards Television Academy Producers party. Wanna rub elbows with movie stars, TV stars, and  successful Hollywood producers? One of you will. I will tell you more about it in the training. Click below to register now.

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