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Suppose a Hollywood insider could pull back the curtain and give you an insider’s view of how the real Hollywood works. And then that same insider could help you get your screenplays, books, or ideas into the hands of people who can get them on the screen, so that no matter where you lived, you could sell to Hollywood and start earning Hollywood riches.


That’s me at the 2016 Emmy's rooftop party the Academy holds each year for TV producers

That insider is me,  Ehrich Van Lowe. I am an Emmy and Academy Award nominee. I've written and produced some of your favorite sitcoms including,  Even Stevens and The Cosby Show. I’ve written and produced movies, and TV dramas as well.  My production company has several projects in development right now.

We are currently closed for new projects. I'm busy working with our recent entrepreneurs, getting their projects ready for Hollywood. I plan to open up again when things settle down.  Please add your name to the wait list, and I will let you know as soon as we are open to consider new projects. If you need to get in touch with me sooner, you can hit me up on Messenger.

Until then, Keep Hustling!

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