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  1. Development
  2. Creating Living IP that producers don’t have to read
  3. Getting 10,000 raving fans to view your Living IP
  4. And then once all the pieces are in place, I teach you how to find actors, producers, and studio executives  who will aggressively represent your project to networks, studios, and production companies.

In addition, you’d be able to email me, or get me on the phone to help you over the rough spots.

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The Hollywood Hustling Modules Program

Are You Ready To Go To Hollywood? Check Out What's Included

Module One

Module One is about creating compelling content, the living IP that’s going to get you noticed. That's what happened for Aaron Mahnke when his podcast became the TV show Lore, now airing on Amazon Prime. Creating compelling content is where a lot of people fall down because they don’t know how to turn their ideas, screenplays, or books into something Hollywood can’t resist. I do. And in this module I teach you my secrets.

Module Two

Module Two is about engaging with your fans. Here I will teach you my secret for getting 10,000 new fans in less than 5 days to your project’s Facebook page. I will teach you how to engage with your fans, and then show you how to get them to interact with your Living IP. And remember, Hollywood loves engagement.

Module Three

In Module Three We bring it all home. Here I walk you through the stages of finding producers, actor and actresses, and young hustlers to aggressively represent your projects in Hollywood.

Module Four

Module Four is The Language of Hollywood. You’re going to want to be able to talk-the-talk when people start showing interest in your projects. In this module I will bring you up to speed on the language and buzz words you’ll need to know to sound knowledgeable and intelligent. Knowing this language will also keep you from getting ripped off.

Bonus Phone Consultations

I’m going to back all this up with three one hour telephone consultations where if you’re having a problem, or you need advice, or you need me to walk you through something, I will be there to personally guide you.  I will always be an email away, but with these three consults we will be able to talk personally, even brainstorm about where to sell your project. Normally, I charge $100 an hour for my time. But you’ll be getting three hours to pick my brain included as my special bonus.

This limited program is designed to get you started.  It's the next best thing to handing me your project to shop to Hollywood. Instead of handing it to me now, you hand it to me later. 

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