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Over the past few years we have seen a seismic shift in how the world consumes content. We believe the change is not only in the new streaming services. The real change is a reimagining of storytelling itself as these new platforms emerge and evolve.  Storytelling is always going to be about creating emotional connections, about having something to say about our world, and offering a means to escape reality. How we accomplish this moving ahead is the next great frontier.

E. Van Lowe’s Resurrection Media produces content that moves people. Our content provokes people to click, to like, to share, to stream, and to consume. We develop content to entertain, to inform, to inspire, and to build customer loyalty for us and our partners.

We focus mainly on horror content, illuminating the horrors that exist in our lives. Whether it be racial injustice, social injustice, criminal intent, or greed, our content is relatable and relevant.

Our uniquely qualified online marketing and brand building teams then build an audience for each of our projects before they hit the air waves or screen. This unprecedented step gives us an advantage over the competition by having fans before our content even exists. We are fundamentally trying to change the nature of what it means to be a fan of horror.

There has never been a better time to be the new kids on the block. We formally invite the dreamers, rule breakers, innovators, and motivators to come and play with us.

Our Projects

The Loose End (TV Series)

Action/Mystery/Dark Comedy

Recently retired black female American spy, Angie Carter (Kellita Smith--The Bernie Mac Show, Z-Nation), returns to her hometown of Barstow, California to pick up the loose ends of the shattered life she left behind, only to discover the spy game has followed her home.

The Whisperer (Horror feature film)

When a  newly blended family, comprised of broken souls, moves into an old southern home steeped in dark history, they come face-to-face with an ancient evil that has insidious designs on their youngest children. Think--a modern day Poltergeist set in the deep south.

(Horror Comedy feature)

What’s an aging R&B diva to do when she’s losing her looks and her voice? Kill a young beauty and steal hers.

Air Candy

(Mostly Fiction Podcasting)

Air Candy is our dual purpose podcasting suite. Our mostly fiction podcasts are entertaining, informative and fun.

Click HERE to listen to a sample episode now.

Queenie (Psychological Thriller That Bites/feature film)

Pam suspects that the cute, lovable little pup her husband brought home is actually a cunning, diabolical killer. But that's crazy talk! From the author of Child’s Play and The Power comes the movie one reviewer called “Cujo’s little brother.”

Helliversity (Horror-Slasher feature film)

From the director of Halloween III and Fright Night 2, and the writer of the Creepshow TV series comes Helliversity. They came to college for a better life, only a few will leave alive.

Our Management Team

Writer, producer, serial entrepreneur, E. Van Lowe is the visionary leader of this exciting new media company

E. Van Lowe
E. Van Lowe CEO

Leader, financial engineer, operational executive, Gregory A. Wahl provides the details, strategy and execution discipline to Resurrection Media

Gregory A. Wahl
Gregory A. Wahl CFO & COO

Emmy winning producer, director, and media executive, Bruce brings his comprehensive skill set to Resurrection Media 

Bruce Owen Jones
Bruce Owen Jones Head of Online & In-House Production

Actor, writer, producer, director, S. K. Dayne is the energetic developer of content and talent for Resurrection Media

S. K. Dayne
S. K. Dayne Chief Content Officer

Multifaceted network, studio, and independent producer, Cathy “Cat” Cambria provides production expertise for Resurrection Media

Cathy Cambria
Cathy Cambria Head of Film & TV Production