As some of you may know, my career started long before E’s did.  I published the horror novel Child’s Play back in 1984.  I followed it with The Power a few years later.  My books were selling well.  Hollywood came calling. E seemed really happy for me.

Then one day he came into our small apartment and told me he’d just landed his dream job, the start of a dream career.  He landed a writing gig at Universal television.  He was going to be writing TV shows.  I knew E had been trying to get into TV for some time.  I was happy for him.  I was so happy that I said “Let’s go out and celebrate.”  That’s where things went horribly wrong.

We drove out to the beach. We took our shoes off and walked out to the water’s edge.  The surf nibbled at my toes.  It was a moment of triumph.  I was a successful author of gruesome horror, and my pal had finally gotten his break in TV.  That’s when E said: “It ends here, Sal.”

“You mean the days of eating top ramen for dinner every night?” I asked smiling.

“Yes. But more than just that.  It all ends here.  YOU end here.”

That was 25 years ago.  E went on to have a very exciting career writing TV and film.  Then a short time ago a knock came at his door.  “Hi, E, how’ve you been?”  This time it was him who was flabbergasted.  “That was a long damn walk,” I said entering his palatial estate.

I’ll spare you the gory details of the big fight.  All you need to know is I won! And I’m back with my very own page on E’s website, and some brand new horror to shock your heart and scare the bejesus out of you.

 “Heeeere’s Sallie!”

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