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Readers often tell me they only need a page or two to decide if the Falling Angels Saga  is right for them. And good news--I'm running a special offer at the moment. For a limited time, fill your ereaders with the entire 4 book Falling Angels Saga Box Set at a generous Buy Direct discount.

Meet Megan Barnett

She's a mathlete, and a geek who spouts way too much trivia. In the series she becomes a butt kicking, demon fighting machine, charged with saving her family, friends, and the angel she loves from unspeakable evil.

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Over 200 4 & 5 Star Reviews

E. Van Lowe puts a fantastic new spin on the young adult paranormal romance,and I for one fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Shari Bergquist, MyNeurotic Book Affair