13 year-old Theo “Turtle” Dawson’s older brother, Adrian, died in a car crash two years ago.  Adrian—better known as A.D. and Turtle were best friends.  He was the best big brother imaginable.

  A.D.’s death ripped a hole in the family, and Turtle is left feeling unwanted and unloved. Then, out of the blue, A.D. returns.

“No, I’m not a ghost.  I’m back,” he tells Turtle.

He also swears Turtle to secrecy.  No problem. Turtle is overjoyed at having his brother back, until A.D. goads him into committing crimes—small things at first, stealing a soda from the local grocery.  He’s saving the big stuff, like murder, for later.

Is A.D. a ghost, or is he something else all-together? Turtle will need the help, love, and understanding of feisty new classmate, Rita Calderon, to get himself out of the mess his brother’s return has created for him.

And who, or what is the Teddy Bear?

The Secrets of Love and Death , a romantic-horror-thriller about young love, is the 2016 Forward’s Book of The Year IndieFab YA Silver Medal winner



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